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Workshop for Professionals


SEUS- the person of the therapist

FEBRUARY 24-26, 2023

USE OF SELF” refers to the way in which the therapist draws upon their own feelings, experiences, or personality to enhance the therapeutic process.

This is an experiential learning (learning by doing) process through which we will:

  • Explore self-awareness assumptions and biases

  • Recognize how your subjective context impacts your capacity for therapeutic alliance and process

  • Learn about boundaries and appropriate use of self-disclosure

  • Explore power dynamics

  • Learn self-reflective practices to bring into your everyday practice

  • Understand the importance of personal qualities of the therapist

  • Attain self-understanding, self-acceptance, and personal growth

  • Learn effective use of self-disclosure and trust with clients

  • Better understand the use of transference and countertransference

  • Effective use of ethnic-cultural identity in cross cultural counselling.

Galilee Centre offers the best prices for accommodations, food and program rooms.  The beautiful surroundings offer private time or fun with new friends/colleagues.

2 days and 2 nights, private or semi private rooms, food, program, resources, networking and

16.5 CECs for $650 per person.

CEC's approved by CCPA

Maximum of 15 participants

walking meditations, reflections, playfulness, fire ritual, private time and small group  sharing.

Registration begins in November 2022

email Martha for registration and details.

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