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Clinical Supervision (CS) for emerging therapists and consulting services for independent practitioners is about accompanying colleagues as they learn the art and science of psychotherapy.

My formation included course work, experiential learning and reflection.

Clinical Supervision: Skills for Developing Counsellors (through CTRI) 2018

This course provided the basic skills that support the new or independent practitioner.


Empowered Supervisor: Supporting Mental Health Professionals in a Post Pandemic World (The Compassion Project School with Dr. Pauline O’Brien, PhD., RP) 2022

This course presented advanced CS skills through a Trauma-informed, anti-oppression lens.


Along with my course work, I have completed independent studies through professional reading, participating in my own CS (during the course work and in my own practice), consults with peers and developing workshops/ retreats for mental health professionals.


The lens through which I approach CS is trauma -informed. I work from an anti-oppression and decolonization focus which embraces inclusiveness.


Supervision is a contractual relationship where both parties are engaging and exchanging information. In my CS practice, ‘I use dialogue, exploration of self and effective use of self (SEUS), mentoring, teaching, and accompaniment, as well as humour.

Clinical Supervision

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